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As chaos continues in Honduras after the June 28 coup and subsequent media blackout, MISF has been in close communication with people on the ground and following international news. Follow our Twitter updates and regular editions of our Honduras News in Review
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    "The strongest advocates of free speech are those with the courage to tell the stories that no one else will. May I Speak Freely Media is making sure that our stories are not forgotten."

    --Zenaida Velasquez, sister of Manfredo Velasquez, one of the 184 documented disappearance cases in Honduras in the 1980s

    H I G H L I G H T S

    Briefing on Honduras: Government-Supported Human Rights Abuses and the Legacy of Impunity
    Human rights advocates say they are witnessing a pattern of abuse strikingly similar to what citizens suffered during the political conflicts of the 1980s.
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    Honduras News in Review—June 2010
    Coup anniversary remembered as Honduras remains polarized; demonstrations are largely peaceful
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    Honduras News in Review—May 2010
    Judges dismissed from posts in alleged political reprisal; more resistance figures killed, threatened; role of official truth commission examined; alternative truth commission launched...
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    Honduras News in Review—April 2010
    Truth Commission to launch May 4; Aguán land dispute resolution comes at high price; two more reporters killed; Resistance movement kicks off million-signature constitutional referendum...
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    Honduras News in Review—March 2010
    March deadliest month ever for Honduran journalists; murders of resistance members continue; Custodio releases
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    Honduras News in Review—February 2010
    Nearly 250 human rights violations, including four political murders, since Lobo took office; proposed truth commission delayed...
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    Honduras News in Review—January 2010
    New Honduran president takes office as Zelaya heads into exile; Honduran generals cleared of wrongdoing in coup; Deaths, threats against resistance members give rise to exiles...
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    World Divided on Honduras Elections as Rights Advocates Say Vote Was Marred by Government Repression
    Despite continued local and international concern over repression, Honduras held elections on Nov. 29, with National Party candidate Porfirio Lobo Sosa claiming victory by a wide margin.
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    Rights Abuses Persist in Wake of Honduran Elections
    Repression continues unabated following Honduras’ U.S.-recognized Nov. 29 elections, according to human rights groups and other observers on the ground in Honduras.
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    Backgrounder: Making Sense of the Honduran Coup
    The current conflict is rooted in a series of events reaching back to the earlier part of the Zelaya presidency...
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