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Current Issues

Fighting Impunity for Foreign Human Rights Abusers in the United States
As many as 1,000 suspected torturers from other countries currently reside in the United States. But civil litigation and U.S. immigration policy can stop abusers from living free from punishment in this country.

The Negroponte Record
As the Senate prepares to consider National Intelligence Director John Negroponte for the post of deputy secretary of state, it’s time to remember his human rights record

Restoring Basic Rights: The U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Regarding “War on Terror” Detainees
On June 28, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Bush administration's policy of indefinite incommunicado detention of "war on terror" detainees.

A Victory for Human Rights? The Supreme Court's Decision on the Alien Tort Claims Act
In June 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in the case of Sosa v. Alvarez-Machain, a ruling in which both human rights advocates and multinational corporations had a vested interest.

Impunity Denied: The Case of Archbishop Oscar Romero
In 1980, El Salvador's most beloved religious leader was gunned down during mass. Twenty-four years later, one of those responsible for his murder is brought to trial.

Efforts to Establish an International Criminal Court
In 2002, a U.N. treaty of countries around the world created a permanent international court to try alleged human rights abusers. The court's effectiveness, however, has been stymied by the United States' refusal to be a party to the institution.

Jennifer Harbury and the Supreme Court Case of Christopher v. Harbury
Lawyer and activist Jennifer Harbury brought the U.S. government to the highest court in the nation for its role in her husband's death.