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Lost Decade: The Legacy of U.S. Involvement in Honduras

Featuring interviews with survivors, human rights workers, prominent political analysts and other historically significant figures, Lost Decade: The Legacy of U.S. Involvement in Honduras is the first feature-length documentary film to look at the human impact of American foreign policy in Honduras in the 1980s. To advance its “anticommunist” strategy in Central America, the United States used Honduras as a staging ground for military operations and covert warfare against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. With U.S. money and training, the 316th battalion of the Honduran Armed Forces “disappeared,” tortured and murdered at least 184 labor leaders, students, clergy, journalists and others.  

The film takes a hard look at the human rights impacts of U.S. involvement in Honduras and the policies and persons responsible for abuses. Just as important, the film analyzes how this history is still relevant to us in the present, from ongoing trials of Honduran military officials to the return of Reagan’s cold warriors to government under President George W. Bush.  

The film will be screened as part of an educational campaign featuring public discussion with Honduran survivors of torture and families of the “disappeared,” and commentary by key experts on the history of Central American conflicts.

Mojados (Wetbacks) 

Pushed by the difficult economic conditions in their own countries and encouraged by the American dream, illegal immigrant travelers or mojados (wetbacks) venture forth on what has become for increasing numbers of Central Americans a modern day odyssey. In two segments, this documentary depicts the complexity of illegal immigration of Hondurans to the United States.