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Current Issues

Briefing on Honduras: Government-Supported Human Rights Abuses and the Legacy of Impunity
Human rights advocates say they are witnessing a pattern of abuse strikingly similar to what citizens suffered during the political conflicts of the 1980s. Español

Congressional hearing on Honduras tomorrow—urge your representative to speak out!
Ongoing attacks against political activists in Honduras should make the administration think twice about normalizing relations with the Lobo government.

World Divided on Honduras Elections as Rights Advocates Say Vote Was Marred by Government Repression
Despite continued local and international concern over repression, Honduras held elections on Nov. 29, with National Party candidate Porfirio Lobo Sosa claiming victory by a wide margin.

Rights Abuses Persist in Wake of Honduran Elections
Repression continues unabated following Honduras’ U.S.-recognized Nov. 29 elections, according to human rights groups and other observers on the ground in Honduras.

Fear and Loathing in Honduras: Elections Under Repression
As Honduras' Nov. 29 election day quickly approaches, the broader picture of whether the vote can truly be free and fair has so far escaped the attention of the U.S. government and much of the world's mainstream press. Español

MISF associate producer beaten by police, video camera destroyed, tapes confiscated (July 30)

Honduran human rights, press freedoms eroded since June 28

Action Alert: Support democracy in Honduras
Urge your U.S. congressional representative to support the Delahunt-McGovern House Resolution on Honduras!

Backgrounder: Making Sense of the Honduran Coup
The current conflict is rooted in a series of events reaching back to the earlier part of the Zelaya presidency...

MISF joins other NGOs and faith-based groups in condemning Honduras coup
Read the full text of the June 30 statement...

UPDATE (June 29): Civil unrest, international condemnation in wake of coup


MISF associate producer tours U.S. with new film on gang violence and government corruption in Honduras
MISF organizes screenings in effort to raise awareness of Honduran gang issues among policy makers

Threats to Honduran human rights defenders persist as “lawyer for the poor” is murdered
Letter-writing campaign asks Honduras to protect rights activists

Honduras' Slow Road to National Reparation
One year ago, the government of Honduras seemed on its way to making lasting reparation for past human rights crimes, but the process continues to be neither quick nor easy.

In Honduras, Defending Human Rights Is a Dangerous Occupation
Although human rights in Honduras have improved since the repression and abuses of the 1980s, Hondurans who work for human rights and social justice issues are still threatened, attacked and even killed. (Español)

A Step Toward Justice: Honduran Military Leader Found Guilty of Human Rights Abuses
In a historic ruling, a U.S. judge ordered a former Honduran military leader to pay $47 million in damages for his role in the torture and murder of four Honduran civilians in the 1980s. (Español)

Opinion: Dear CBS, Did 'The Unit' Kill U.S. Citizen Father James Carney, Too?
MISF advisor Father Joseph E. Mulligan asks CBS to dramatize a chapter of Eric Haney's Delta Force history ... and explore some unanswered questions.

History Repeating: The United States in Honduras and Iraq
Torture, secrecy, legally questionable foreign policy—there are striking similarities between the U.S. presence in Honduras in the 1980s and in Iraq today. (Español)

The Negroponte Record
As the Senate prepares to consider National Intelligence Director John Negroponte for the post of deputy secretary of state, it’s time to remember his human rights record