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Civil Conflicts and U.S. Intervention in Central America in the 1980s
In the 1980s, Central America was one of Washington's Cold War battlegrounds. Despite its ideological justification, the United States also sought to protect its economic interests, which were threatened by the land, labor and political reforms that many leftist movements supported. Thousands of people were killed or disappeared at the hands of the U.S.-sponsored militaries. (Español)

Cold War Pawn: Honduras in the 1980s
Honduras was the staging ground for Reagan administration's fevered fight against communism in Central America, and Honduran civilians were the casualties. (Español)

Human Rights Abuses in Honduras in the 1980s: Select Case Histories
In the 1980s the Honduran military illegally detained scores of civilians suspected of being insurgents. Most were never seen again; others were tortured but survived to tell their stories. (Español)

The Quest for Justice: Efforts to Prosecute Honduran Human Rights Abusers
For more than two decades, family members, human rights advocates and government officials have engaged in a slow and difficult quest to identify and prosecute the men responsible for human rights abuses in Honduras in the 1980s. (Español)

Battalion 3-16 Members Deported From North America
Several Hondurans who were members of a notoriously brutal military intelligence squad and are accused of human rights abuses immigrated to North America and were ultimately arrested and deported or face deportation hearings. (Español)

The Contra War and the Iran-Contra Scandal
In the mid-1980s, U.S. government officials brokered the covert and illegal sale of arms to Iran. The proceeds from this transaction went to secretly support Nicaraguan rebels fighting to overthrow the Marxist Sandinista government in Nicaragua. When this story broke, the Iran-Contra affair became the biggest political scandal of the decade. (Español)

The Legacy of the U.S. Military and Intelligence Training in Latin America
For decades the United States has exerted control over Latin America by providing training for military and police forces in the countries of that region. Unfortunately, that training has included torture. (Español)

Access to U.S. Government Information on Human Rights Violations in Honduras
For those who over the past decade have sought to discover the truth about human rights abuses in Honduras, the process of obtaining information from the U.S. government has been especially challenging. (Español)