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Updated 07/28/2006

Human Rights Organizations and Resources

Amnesty International—promotes human rights through research, advocacy and the development of educational materials 

Center for Justice and Accountability—provides legal representation for survivors of torture and other human rights abuses  

Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL)—represents victims of human rights abuses in the majority of cases against states before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights 

Center for International Policy—CIP’s Central America program supports environmental and human rights organizations in Honduras 

Guatemalan Human Rights Commission—monitors and reports on the human rights situation in Guatemala 

Human Rights Education Associates: The Global Human Rights Education Network—provides tutorials, curricula, education materials, training manuals, links and discussion boards 

Human Rights and Press Freedom in Latin America—articles, links to news publications, basic country information 

Human Rights Internet—information on human rights instruments and conferences, syllabi, human rights news 

Human Rights Watch—monitors and reports on a variety of human rights issues around the world 

Human Rights First—supports the advancement of human rights and the rule of law around the world through legal representation of activists, public education and advocacy 

Latin America Working Group—network of NGOs advocating U.S. policies in Latin America that are based in human rights; website includes advocacy tools for activists 

MADRE—supports community-based women’s groups around the world, and engages in advocacy and public education; website provides articles on various women’s issues worldwide 

Latin American Network Information Center—extensive links on all things Latin American 

North American Congress on Latin America—produces the bimonthly Report on the Americas 

Resource Center of the Americas—news and features on rights and justice issues in Latin America 

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library—provides documents and materials including international treaties and law, human rights education, regional materials and links to other human rights sites 

Washington Office on Latin America—engages in policy advocacy on human rights in Latin America, provides training for NGOs in Latin America, and monitors human rights in the region