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Roz Dzelzitis—Executive Director/Producer
Roz has worked for several years with nonprofit organizations that focus on human rights, sustainable development and cultural preservation, and as a photojournalist and media producer, profiling rights issues in the U.S. and Latin America. As associate producer at the Refuge Media Project, she creates media tools for educating, engaging and motivating healthcare and social service providers, students, organizers and other groups that serve refugee torture survivors and immigrant communities in the U.S.  She serves on the board of directors of BAIDO, an association of Bay Area international development organizations, and works as a consultant to nonprofits, helping to create strategies for how to use media in intercultural dialogues, public education efforts and campaigns for social change.
Roz was previously program coordinator for Earth Island Institute's Sacred Land Film Project and distribution coordinator for the PBS film In the Light of Reverence. 

Roz has been researching human rights issues in Honduras since 1999 and is producing Lost Decade, a short documentary film on the legacy of military conflict and U.S. involvement in Honduras in the 1980s. Roz studied documentary film and anthropology at Antioch College.

Oscar Estrada—Associate Producer
Oscar was born in Honduras where he studied law at the National Autonomous University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa. Subsequently, he spent two years studying film and screen writing at the International Film and Television School in Havana, Cuba. He has written several screenplays for narrative films and documentaries which have been produced in Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, and New York. Oscar splits his time between the U.S. and Honduras. He is co-producing the MISF film Lost Decade and directing the film Mojados, which explores the complex issue of illegal immigration of Latin Americans to the United States.

Amberly Polidor—Associate Producer & Content Editor
Amberly is a writer and editor who has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America. Her experiences abroad include producing a daily progressive news program for Radio for Peace International, a short-wave station in Costa Rica that broadcasts worldwide, and working on an organic coffee cooperative in Nicaragua. She also reports on global preservation issues for the Sacred Land Film Project and edits for other nonprofit organizations. She holds a B.S. in communications from the University of Tennessee.

E. David Curiel—Associate Writer & Researcher
David came to MISF from the business world with native Spanish fluency and well-honed writing skills. He was born in Venezuela, and grew up there and in the United States. While
earning a B.A. in English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, he developed an acute understanding of cultural difference, privilege and social justice. He has sold computers to university deans and wine to nationally recognized sommeliers, and braved mountains and cities on four continents. David holds an M.B.A. in Small Business Strategy and Marketing from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

Lourdes Sada—Web Site Translator
Lourdes was born in Huesca, Spain a few decades ago. She studied chemistry at university, was co-owner of an interior design firm, and studied computing for two years. She then moved to Brussels, where she learned French at the Centre of Languages at the University of Louvain. One day she discovered a French Web site whose webmaster was trying to get it translated into Spanish, and she offered her help. Although Lourdes is a mother of two children who keep her busy, she finds time and energy each day to donate to translating Web pages for nonprofit organizations. Lourdes was named a 2006 Online Volunteer of the Year by the U.N. Online Volunteer Service.

Past Contributors

Carley Lovorn—Associate Writer & Researcher
Carley has worked for the Center for the Study of Human Rights, Forefront: A Global Network of Human Rights Defenders and several human rights organizations in Mozambique, Guatemala and Nicaragua in the areas of capacity building, program development and research. Carley also served as a Youth Development Volunteer in the Peace Corps (Nicaragua, ’99-’01). Carley holds an M.S.W. in International Social Welfare and Policy from Columbia University and a B.A. in Human and Organizational Development and English from Vanderbilt University.

Adam Weiss—Writer, Human Rights–War on Terror News Update
Joel Scilley—Outreach Coordinator
Amy Corbin—Special Projects Coordinator
Seth Mulliken—Videographer
Ana Bayat—Translator
Ellyde Liccia Maestre—Translator 

We also thank our many past volunteers: Alison Brockhouse, Carina Carriedo, Jon Cortmaior, Corey Datz-Greenberg, Nuria Jahera, Mayra Madriz, Trista Martin, Kara Millett, Craig Ogan, Iliana Quinonez, Yojo Shaw, and Michael Swiecki.