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Updated 01/14/2008

Remembering 25 Years Ago—February 1981

(en español)

Feb. 25

William Tomás Santamaría Cabrera, 22, and his uncle, Roberto Elvis Cabrera Otero, both Nicaraguan citizens, disappear mysteriously after passing through a border post from Nicaragua to Honduras. The family later receives information that the two men had been kidnapped by a group of Contras—Alejandro Moncada Beltrán, Leslie Amador, Oscar Baldelomar, Delgadillo Baldelomar, Guillermo Gasteazoro and Fabricio Castillo—all of whom were former Nicaraguan National Guardsmen involved in stealing cars and bringing them to Guatemala. The Cabreras’ car enters Guatemala on March 11, 1981, driven by Moncada Beltrán, who is accompanied by an unknown man using Roberto Elvis Cabrera Otero’s passport. 


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