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Updated 01/14/2008

Remembering 25 Years Ago—January 1982

Jan. 24

Four friends—María Ediltrudis Montes, Julio César Méndez, Enrique López Hernández and Francisco Samuel Pérez—all students or activists in their early 20s, disappear after being detained at a border checkpoint while traveling by bus from Nicaragua into Honduras. Eyewitnesses claim that armed men identifying themselves as National Intelligence Directorate agents boarded the bus and forcibly detained the four. The reason for their detention is unknown, but as students returning from Nicaragua, they may have been suspected of being sympathetic to the revolutionary government there; in addition, López was active in student and labor union movements. Honduran authorities subsequently deny any knowledge of their whereabouts.


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Jan. 28

Roberto Suazo Córdova is sworn in as Honduras’s first civilian president in almost two decades.