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Updated 03/18/2010

Congressional hearing on Honduras tomorrow—urge your representative to speak out!

On March 18 the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs will hold a hearing to discuss next steps for Honduras. May I Speak Freely has joined with the Quixote Center and more than 40 other organizations in sending a letter to members of Congress expressing concerns about the direction of U.S. policy in Honduras and urging them to ask hard questions during this hearing. Please contact your representative to urge that our concerns are raised in the hearing.

Read the full text of the letter, which includes links to human-rights reports and supporting material, here. You can also learn more about ongoing human rights abuses in Honduras in our recent editions of the Honduras News in Review.

Further information, including details on contacting your representative, from our friends at Quixote Center:

Tomorrow, March 18, at 2 p.m. the Foreign Affairs Committee is holding a hearing titled "Next Steps for Honduras."  This comes just one week after a hearing on U.S. policy in Latin America featuring Otto Reich — a flashback to the worst of U.S. policy during the 1980s deadly U.S.-sponsored counterinsurgency campaigns. 
These hearings follow Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Latin America earlier this month, where she announced that the United States would be restoring aid to Honduras based on the "successful conclusion of the crisis…without violence" and praised the establishment of a "Truth Commission" in Honduras.
The reality in Honduras stands in stark contrast to Clinton's statements. National and international human rights organizations have widely denounced the violent attacks against political opposition in Honduras, which continues under the Lobo government, including over 40 murders in the last 8 months.
The Human Rights Platform in Honduras, which includes each of Honduras' key human rights organizations, has rejected the "Truth Commission" promoted by the Lobo and U.S. governments stating that it is politically compromised.
Our representatives in Congress need to hear from us. We have sent a letter, signed by over 40 organizations, to key members of Congress raising our concerns about the direction of U.S. policy in Honduras. We are urging members to ask hard questions during this Hearing.
Please help by making sure your members of Congress hear from you today!

  • Call your members of Congress today and ask for the email for the Foreign Affairs staffer.
  • Urge the staffer to raise the concerns outlined in the letter during tomorrow's hearing.
There have been more murders this week in Honduras. People are frightened. They are facing the fear of state-sponsored terror by organizing and deepening their vision of a new Honduras in which the rights of all are respected.
Partners in Honduras are paying attention to this hearing due to the impact of U.S. policy on their lives and efforts to bring about social change.  Please help to make sure their voices are present in the hearing on "Next Steps for Honduras" tomorrow.